Welcome to our new blog!

Hello and welcome to our new blog! This blog is going to be all about our combined culture family life and everything that is important to us.

One of my main projects for the remainder of this year is to make as much of what we need as possible, so hopefully, soon, the blog will be filled with homemade highland hygge (which, fingers crossed, will include my attempts at making food, beauty products, toys and maybe even clothes). This is mainly an attempt to reduce the amount of crazy ingredients we eat, wear and put on our skin, but also to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Looking back on our childhoods it’s the homemade things we remember most. I’m sure there were many mass produced, cheap toys, products, items of clothing…etc we had that we don’t even remember now. I hope by making more ourselves, that the things we have will feel more special.

Another goal I have set myself for the rest of the year is to have one moment a day when I do something I really enjoy and for that time I am just there, in that moment, enjoying – not trying to multitask or being distracted by the noise. And I also want to try to create a magical new moment for my son each day. Something exciting, engaging and full of magic. My aim is that when he is grown up, that he will be able to look back on his childhood with the happiest of memories.

I also want to use this blog to share my thoughts on various topics. I often end up deep in thought, and it will be nice to have somewhere to share those thoughts and hopefully connect with like-minded people I might not have the chance to connect with in person on a daily basis.

So, in summary, I hope this new blog will soon be full of

-homemade highland hygge

-highland hygge moments

-highland hygge magic


-thoughts I wish to share.

Thank you for reading. Hope to connect with you soon.